Property Buyer’s Testimonial

My husband and I decide to buy a home, we were getting a loan from a company but the Realtor they referred was more hands off so we decided to look for a realtor ourselves. We ended up running into people who never showed up to the house viewing; after telling us where to meet.  Realtors that just never called us back. After trying to schedule a house viewing myself ran, I across Connie, not having a Realtor to represent me she asked me if I would like her to; after speaking to her about my previous Realtors, I said yes. My husband had his concerns over a contract that she wanted us to sign but after explaining to us the meaning behind it we decided to let her represent us. We spoke for a few minutes telling her the city we wanted to live and we had three kids.  I love her energy and personality that came across over the phone. A day after we signed the contract she told us she had a home viewing to show us. We were shock because the other Realtors took days to line up a visit. So, we were open minded about the viewing me and my husband were nervous because we never made it this far being able to view the house.  We arrived at the house; it sat on the corner of a main street and didn’t have a yard for the kids I said no based upon those two.  The house was beautiful.  We were sad because we knew that it would probably take more days to set up something else, that’s   when she said “would  you guys like to move on to house number two?” Me and my husband lit up; so surprised that it was more.   By the time we got to our 6TH house, we were done, it was more than we imagined, we couldn’t believe for one; she set up multiple home viewings in one day and then two; they all were beautiful and exactly what we needed. With the houses she showed us it came down to taxes.

She was everything in more for us during our house hunting we seriously spent one day with her and found our house, we love how she didn’t try to force the house on us, and she pointed out the flaws that we couldn’t see because we didn’t know anything about homes. While we were looking at homes, she took the time to teach my son how to tie his shoe. And then she held my one year old while we looked through homes.  When we finally made the offer she made sure that all the updates or issues were being taken care of by the previous owner, she made sure she was at the three-hour inspection and final walk-through. When I had questions about gate installation for the back yard she took the time to get two quotes for me; the list can go on. Overall, Connie is amazing the best realtor ever she cares about her clients!  “Connie’s clients never settle” she said so positively.  I really wish we didn’t find that home in one day because being around her positive spirit was moving. Thank you for our beautiful home. Thank you going above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied in the home we picked.

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