Property Buyer’s Testimonial

Connie has restored my faith in customer service and the home buying purchasing-process. Before my husband and I were blessed enough to have Connie reach put to us, I was on the verge of giving up. We had several terrible experiences with brokers and mortgage companies.  Connie came in and did an amazing job finding us the perfect home for my family. She is/was very professional, patient and understanding. She respected our thought process and the need for my husband and I to go back and forth. I’m sure there might have been times she wanted to scream at us.

Connie made our dreams happen in record time. She explained everything to us in detail.  I’ve never felt overwhelm with information or left out of the process.  Connie is VERY knowledgeable in every aspect of her field.  One of the things that stood out is-Connie is here for you , to make sure you find your dream home.  My family and I can’t thank Connie enough for all she has done for our family.  I wish her much success and growth.

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