Property Buyer’s Testimonial

Meeting Connie has been a great experience. I had just prayed one Sunday morning about maybe buying my next home instead of renting again. So…I’m online and she called me ASAP and I believe we started our journey the very next day. So many great homes in Euclid and she stayed within my budget (didn’t show me anything I couldn’t really afford) which I don’t mind saying is very tight, but the homes were so nice and in my price range.

Connie made sure I got a great interest rate, 3.65! I had no surprises or disappointments. I knew what to expect along the way with her guidance.She helps with everything you need even after you move in. From landscapers to handymen to Insurance Reps. Inspectors Home security, just to name a few;lol.Moving in in just few days and I’m glad I have her to call on for all of my home buying needs. Therefore she’s helping other business men and or women gain new clientele who need their services. She truly cares about making this experience as wonderful as it can be which is why, I’m sure, she chose to help buyers specifically and only.

Great job Connie.???? I feel like I’m leaving so much more out. She really covers all the bases.

-Kelly Wilson

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